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Comprehensive VIN Guide: Everything You Should Know about Your Car’s VIN and Its Purpose

When purchasing a used vehicle get a VIN check on the vehicle. VIN stands for vehicle identification number. The number is 17 characters long and consists of letters and number. Each of the digits has meaning, such as the first three digits identify the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Know About Your Car's VIN

Know about Your Car’s VIN

Where to Locate The VIN?

  • On the left side of the dashboard
  • Underneath the bonnet
  • On the driver’s side doorjamb

What Information Does A VIN Provide?

The VIN provides detailed information about the vehicle’s manufacturer and manufacturing history. Once the VIN is registered in the NEVDIS- National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System nearly every detail of the vehicle will be available.

When a vehicle is purchased, it is registered in the Personal Properties and Securities Register. When something such as an insurance claim, a loan is taken against the vehicle, etc. it is attached to the VIN in the PPSR.

What Is A VIN Check?

VIN checks, also referred to as REV checks bring up information on a vehicle, offering a report on the vehicle and its history.

A VIN check will include:

  • Finance Check:  If there is an encumbrance on the vehicle, the VIN check will show it. An encumbrance means that there is a balance owing on the vehicle.
  • Written Off:  If the vehicle was involved in an accident and was written off by the insurance provider, the VIN check will show this. If the vehicle was involved in an accident and not written off, then the VIN will also provide information on the accident and the needed repairs.
  • Stolen Status:  If the vehicle was ever reported stolen the VIN check will provide this information.
  • Engine Number:  The engine number provides the ability to check the engine number that was registered to the VIN. If it does not match, then the engine has been replaced, or the vehicle was stripped for parts and then rebuilt.
  • Registration Status: Information as to whether the vehicle is currently registered.
  • Manufacturer Details: The VIN check will include manufacturing details of the vehicle like the year of manufacture, the make, and model, colour, body type, etc.

How to Get A VIN Check?

VIN checks can be obtained online for a small fee. Before purchasing a vehicle, a VIN check should be purchased. If the vehicle is from another state, it will be registered with the PPSR and NEVDIS.

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