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Online Quote Calculator: Get Instant Quote for Your Old or Unwanted Car Perth

There are ways to increase the value of your old or unwanted car. Cash for Cars Perth offers the following information on how to get the best value for your old or unwanted car or truck when obtaining an online valuation.
Don’t Wait
Consider this when you think that waiting another week or month to sell your old or unwanted car won’t matter. The longer the car is sitting, the more deterioration that sets into the car. When you decide that it is time to get rid of the car, don’t wait as waiting will decrease its value.

If the Car Is Drivable, Expect to Get More for It

If the car is drivable, it has a higher value. When obtaining your online valuation of the car or truck, be sure to let the appraiser know that the car is in driving condition. Cars that are drivable have parts that can be pulled which bring a higher value to the vehicle, just as they may choose to sell it at an auction.

Salvage Parts

When there are parts and components of the car that can be re-used, the car is more valuable to the scrapper. Perhaps, the alternator can be pulled and resold. It is worth more as a used part then it is for its metals. Be sure to let the appraiser know that there are good working parts and components of the car.


Know the weight of the car and use it as a last resort. Scrappers pay per ton, so if all else is lost, you will still get value based on the weight of your car.

Be Wary of Offers with Conditions

Do not listen if the scrapper tells you they will buy your car with the condition that they will pay once it is wrecked. This is a sign of a scammer. Always ask to be paid on time. Reliable Cash for Car Companies will Pay Without Delay. They understand that sellers are looking for a quick & convenient sale and instant cash to close the deal. So, if a car removal company says that they can only pay after the car is wrecked or recycle, steer clear of them.

Cash for Cars Perth valuates cars & trucks online, taking the time to pay attention to all details of the car that increase its value. Visit our homepage for an online valuation of your car or truck. Or, call us at 0481 794 410


Excellent Service, came on time picked up the car and paid top cash had no problem at all.