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Sell Your Unwanted Car in Perth – Without Repairing It or Advertising It for Sale

When the car isn’t in the best of shape, or perhaps, your schedule is hectic, and it is time to sell the car; you have a solution that is cost-free. Many car owners think they may get a few more dollars for the sale of their cars if they make some minor repairs, getting it in top performance. Others feel that the costly ad they are about to place will have buyers lining up to see their car. Both scenarios often leave a Perth car owner disappointed, as too often there is no buyer for the car, and it takes months to sell Unwanted Car. Cash for Car Perth offers you a solution for a quick and expense-free sale of your car.

Sell Unwanted Car Perth

Sell Unwanted Car Perth Wide For Top Dollars In “As Is” Condition

When you have a car that you are ready to sell, we will make you an offer for the car in its “As Is” condition. If the car is in mint condition, there is no reason to think that we won’t make you top cash for car offer. We make top cash offers regardless of what the condition of the cars. Our prices are always fair and justified. So, there is no having to take your car to the shop, or polish and shine the car to get a fair price for the car with Cash for Car Perth.

Get Quick Cash Quotes For Unwanted Cars Upto $9999

When we buy cars, the process to purchase a car starts over the phone or online. All that a car owner needs to do is to pick up the phone to contact an appraiser at Cash for Car Perth for a quote. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage and completing our online form. We are a car removal company that also comes to the locations of our customers, so they do not need to be concerned with bringing their cars to us.      

With Cash for Car Perth, you get:   

  • Cash quotes over the phone and online.  
  • Instant cash payments that are brought to you, so you don’t come to us to collect the cash for the sale of your car.    
  • Free car removals in Perth at times that are convenient for our customers.        

Get a top cash offer by calling Cash for Car Perth at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained through our online form on our homepage. Call us at 0481 794 410.


Excellent Service, came on time picked up the car and paid top cash had no problem at all.